For an article in Marianne Magazine about absent fathers:

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10 Bed-Time Stories in French and English – For an anthology of children’s stories by Frederic Bibard. Published here.

Melody Albertine – For a forthcoming series of short stories by Ian Martin. For the full sequence of images click here.

Kashmir – For a forthcoming graphic novel I am writing. For all completed images click here.

Hungry Eyes – A design that was successfully voted into the permanent catalogue of Threadless t-shirts. Check it out here.

They Might Be Illustrations – from an ongoing personal project to create a postcard-sized illustration for every They Might Be Giants song. To view all current illustrations click here.

A series of designs which are available as t-shirts:

All 35 Free Hexominoes – a Maths-based design looking into the fascinating world of polyominoes! Check out all 35 here.

Super Oleg – a design for Supermoda Management, a model agency with superhero branding.